Athlete front of the statue of Athena which holds the hand of Victory

She devotes his efforts and asking for help. The show promotes the idea of ​​the social character of the Olympic Games and the growing social consciousness.
Bronze, diameter 10cm.

Athletes coating with oil.

The nudity of the athletes and body care were important to win big performance. The show raised the idea that the ultimate goal of the Olympic Games is to nurture the body as the basis of mental health.
Bronze, diameter 10 cm

Athlete worming up accompanied by the sounds of pipe.

The show raised the idea that the rhythm and harmony are the key elements of the culture of body and achieving great performance.
Bronze, diameter 10 cm.

Coach corrects the athlete

The show promotes the idea that the discipline and the assimilation of accumulated knowledge by young people is a prerequisite for winning new.
Bronze, diameter 10 cm.

The frames, with gold leaf, dimensions: 34 x 34 cm
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